Linga Network

Strong Industry Partnerships

Strong Industry Partnerships and Local Employment stimulus through the use of local to that area contractors and sourcing of Australian made equipment where possible.

Linga Network and its partners will employ local to that area Australian contractors where appropriate.

Linga Network is conscious of the need to support local businesses, especially ones in regional areas that have faced COVID19 economic effects.

To this end, Linga Network has signed with Nilsen for the installation of the charging stations across all locations. Nilsen employs local to that area staff for the deployment and will also engage directly with local contractors at each location to provide support to installation teams, strongly supporting Australia job opportunities.
It is estimated that Nilsen will spend $6,000,000 on equipment and resources, through the duration of our 4 year (minimum) partnership.

The Nilsen Australia switchboards, which Linga Network will be implementing, are made in South Australia by Nilsen SA.

Linga Network is partnering with YES Energy, a South Australian owned and operated renewable energy provider, to provide energy for any appropriate charging sites. This will further stimulate the Australian economy through our electricity usage and new job creation at the YES Group HQ; it will also create further incentive for YES Energy to develop additional renewable power generating sources (e.g Solar Farms) within Australia.

Linga Network anticipates employing over 200 different local contractors and over 100 local staff to deploy the charging stations throughout Australia within the next 4 years.