Linga Network

Cultural Competency

Linga Network acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Australian land and wishes to pay respect to First Nations communities, by honouring their culture and heritage through the placement of some of our EV charge stations at significant sites. This aims to stimulate First Nation economies and bring awareness to places of cultural significance (upon acceptance and embracement by Traditional Owners).

We have partnered with Baidam Solutions to maintain our own cultural competency and ensure that we deploy our infrastructure appropriately – while also creating a considerable Social Return on Investment via direct funding and scholarships.

Together with Baidam Solutions, Linga Network is creating a chain of site hosts in culturally significant areas, guiding EV drivers along a route which we have named ‘Songlines by Baidam’.

The first station of many has now been deployed in Dimboola – which is Wotjobaluk country.

Linga Network has directly aligned itself with the First Nation Australian way of thinking to see as much of our beautiful country as we can, but leaving the smallest footprint possible. Making sure to preserve the country for future generations.

After Baidam Solutions consults with local Elders and confirms acceptance, Linga Network will deploy EV charging infrastructure within these regional communities, accompanied by information boards regarding why this site is of cultural significance. Through our promotion of the Songlines by Baidam initiative, Linga Network is encouraging drivers to stray from their regular route to top up their EV, to visit an Indigenous area of significance, to stimulate that economy and to learn more about Australia.

Baidam Solutions will be holding ceremonies for the culturally significant areas, inviting the local First Nations Elders and government officials to participate, and encouraging the entire community to attend. These ceremonies will be planned by the Indigenous owners at Baidam Solutions, with local schools invited to attend and participate – further engaging the communities for EV technology uptake and engaging First Nation youth to know about the Baidam Solutions ICT scholarship pathways. A press release will also be held for each site to raise awareness of these important parts of our country.

We aim through this community engagement and awareness, to assist in Baidam Solutions providing educational and vocational pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to harness opportunities of diversity and empowerment.

We understand sovereign Indigenous capabilities are increasingly important for individual businesses and the Australian nation.