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Linga Network has been deploying charging infrastructure in regional Australia exclusively, since its launch in January of 2021.


We are far more than your regular ‘box drop’ network though. The installation of a charging station is just the beginning of a much broader story. Our collaborative network approach is ensuring we are setting Australia up to succeed.


Our regional first decision is based on the premise of welcoming visitors to regional locations and asking them to “linger” a while in regional centres, whilst their vehicles charge. This provides much needed economic stimulus to the local businesses.


Linga Network is all about ensuring drivers get the most out of their electric vehicles. By deploying a charging station network throughout regional Australia, we are making sure drivers avoid charge anxiety, therefore encouraging more tourism travel throughout our often forgotten or undiscovered Australian towns.


Whilst the driving holiday has long been an Australian pastime, charge anxiety is a major roadblock when it comes to electric vehicles. Therefore, by developing a tourism network, drivers are encouraged to travel within the network, promoting all tourism points along the way.

Our Collaborative Network Approach

Linga Network has taken a collaborative approach to market by partnering with industry leaders to deploy DC and AC charging infrastructure across regional Australia.
We have focused our business around 4 core themes that showcase our ability to deliver strong value, robust business practices and milestone driven outcomes across all areas of our electric vehicle charging network.

These four themes are as follows;

Electricity Management through smart grid management solutions and battery support.
Total Network coverage with a focus on regional Australia to ensure accessibility, consistency of experience and a platform for tourism.
Strong Industry Partnerships and Local Employment stimulus through the use of local to that area contractors and sourcing of Australian made equipment where possible.
Cultural Competency through First Nations partnerships and enablement.

Research and Analysis

Research and data collection is at the core of the Linga Network solution.
The Linga Network app will be at the centre of this data collection, both in collecting important user data and through location visitation data.

All efforts will be made to maximise the data collection points and to share these with key stakeholders, publish industry reports and collaborate with industry experts to assist in furthering this technology.
This data will detail network trends and utilisation which will help:

  • site hosts understand their commercial opportunity; and
  • assist in determining where upgraded infrastructure may be located for future deployments.

All appropriate data privacy and data protection mechanisms will be employed.

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Do you want to host an electric vehicle car charger, but don’t want the headaches of installation, maintenance, configuration, ongoing liability insurance, electrical load balancing among other things?

We’re here to help.

We have a strict approach on site host approvals – please learn more about them directly by contacting us today.

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It takes a community to make change – that’s why Linga Network is open to further industry partnerships.

Please contact us if you would like to help us create a stronger future for our country.

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